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Kansai wide area cycling route

Biwako-Wakasa Bay route

  • Hikone Castle
  • Amanohashidate

Hikone (Shiga) → Fukui → Maizuru (Kyoto)

Start at Hikone Castle and go north on Lakeside road. Go to Prefectural Road Route 44 via the roadside station Omi- Haha no Sato, the roadside station Kohoku Mizudori Station, etc. Follow the guidance of "Gurutto Biwako Cycle Line" and turn left near Ooto intersection to Prefectural Road 514. When you pass the Shizugatake Tunnel after climbing the slope, the view of Okubiwako is beautifully spread.
Cross Route 8 and return to Koshu Road, pass Fujigasaki, and go to Route 303 in front of Road Station Shiotsu Kaido Azikama no Sato. Go through the Iwakuma Tunnel and turn left at the intersection of Ouraguchi, follow the Koshu Road towards Imazu, and turn right near Makino Sunny Beach to "Metasequoia Namiki and Prayer Path." Pass the west side of JR Makino Station and turn left onto National Route 161. Soon after, cross the national route, go north through the village road and enter Prefectural Road 287. Proceed on the prefectural road 335 along the Metasequoia Namiki, turn right at the Hioki-mae Hiragasaki intersection to prefectural road 534. Enter National Route 303 Wakasa Kaido, and at the intersection of Hosaka, go strait to Wakasa Kumagawajuku, Fukui Prefecture. Go down the mountain and go west along Route 27 Tango Kaido. Go to Kyoto Prefecture along the coast of Obama Bay and Wakasa Bay. Continue through Route 2 to the goal road station Maizuru Port Toretore Center.


Starting from Lake Biwa on your left, it is mostly flat up to the area around Kohoku Mizudori Station. After that, pass through the north part of Lake Biwa while repeating up and down a little, and proceed to Wakasa Kaido. Before entering Fukui Prefecture, climb to an altitude of 230m. Then, slowly descend to Obama. Follow the flat road on the right with the Sea of ​​Japan toward the goal. Note that Shizugatake Tunnel is closed in winter.

Route overview Hikone (Shiga) → Fukui → Maizuru (Kyoto)
Distance 144.5km
Maximum elevation
Altitude Up : 732m
Estimated travel time
by bicycle
9hours 37minutes
Route overview
Start Hikone Castle
Road station
Goal Nishi Maizuru
Route overview Distance hours Escape point level
Start Hikone Castle 0 0 →Hikone Station
Road station
39km 2hours 36minutes →Omi-Shiotsu Station Beginner
66.7km 4hours 27minutes →Omi-imazu Station Intermediate
Obama 98.6km 6hours 34minutes →Obama Station
Goal Nishi Maizuru 144.5km 9hours 37minutes →Nishi-Maizuru Station Advanced

Sightseeing spots
near the route

  • Tourist attractions
  • Break spot
  • Hikone Castle(Hikone City)National Treasure
  • Road Station Omi-Haha no Sato(Maibara City)
  • Kurokabe Square(Nagahama City)
  • Road Station Kohoku Mizudori Station(Nagahama City)
  • Road Station Shiotsu Kaido Azikamanosato(Nagahama City)
  • Metasequoia Namiki(Takashima City)
  • Road Station Wakasa Kumagawajuku(Wakasa-cho)
  • Wakasa hot spring(Wakasa-cho)
  • Dining Country Wakasa Obama Cultural Center(Obama City)
  • Maizuru Red Brick Park(Maizuru City)

Sightseeing spots near other routes

  • Amanohashidate