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Kansai wide area cycling route

World Heritage ・Kofun Route

  • Todaiji Temple
  • Emperor's Tomb of the Emperor Nintoku

    It is thought with construction of the mid-fifth century, the Japan's biggest burial mound with a square front and a round back of about 486m in length of the mound. In one of the Mozu three Imperial mausoleum, the mound is constructed to three steps, and a triple moat has more than 10 subordinate burial mounds around circulation. In July, 2019, the Mozu old burial mound group including the Nintoku Burial Mound old burial mound was registered with world's cultural heritage of the UNESCO with Furuichi old burial mound group. (internal secrecy)

  • Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko

    It is a cultural tourism facility where you can experience the history and culture of SakaiCity through the lives and achievements of the great predecessors, Senrikyu and Akiko Yosano. The tea ceremony of the Michiya tea ceremony allows you to enjoy matcha tea and sweets at the chair seat, and enjoy a traditional tea room facing the site of Senrikyu Yashiki.

  • Sakai City Museum

    This is a regional museum of humanities that combines archeology, folklore, and art with a focus on the history of the Sakai area. We also hold virtual experience tours where you can see the Mozu tombs from the sky using VR technology. By attaching a head-mounted display, you can watch the magnificent view of the Mozu Tombs in a 360-degree video taken 300 meters above the sky with a drone.

  • Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum

    Sakai Tradition Industry Hall is a place where you can see, feel, and take home the skills of Sakai traditions. You can enjoy the technology close to you. The second floor knife museum displays rare knives and sells high quality knives.

Todaiji Temple (Nara) → Toshodaiji Temple → Yakushi-ji Temple → Nintoku Emperor's Tomb Group (Sakai City)

Start at the world heritage site Todaiji Temple, pass through Toshodaiji Temple and Yakushiji Temple, and head to Sakai City's world heritage site Nintoku Emperor’s Tomb. From Ikomayama, Nara Prefecture, cross the Dark Pass into Osaka Prefecture, go south along the Higashi Koya Highway, head west along the Yamato River, and reach the Nintoku Emperors Tomb.


Except for the Ikoma Mountains, it is an urban ride route that runs mostly in the city area, and there are many points where you can take a break. It is necessary to adhere to traffic rules and ride safely.

Route overview Todaiji Temple (Nara) → Toshodaiji Temple → Yakushi-ji Temple → Nintoku Emperor's Tomb Group (Sakai City)
Distance 49.3km
Maximum elevation
Altitude Up : 605m
Estimated travel time
by bicycle
3hours 17minutes
Route overview
Start Todaiji Temple
Toshodai-jiTemple /
Kuragari pass
Goal Emperor Nintoku
Route overview Distance hours Escape point level
Start Todaiji Temple 0 0
Toshodai-jiTemple /
6.2km 25minutes →Nishinokyo Beginner
Kuragari pass 19.6km 1hours 18minutes
Goal Emperor Nintoku
49.3km 3hours 17minutes →JR Mozu Station Intermediate

Sightseeing spots
near the route

  • Tourist attractions
  • Break spot
  • Todaiji Temple(Nara City)World Heritage
  • Toshodai-ji Temple / Yakushi-ji Temple(Nara City)World Heritage
  • Kuragari pass(Ikoma City-Higashiosaka City)[Max slope: 37%
  • Emperor Nintoku Tomb(Sakai City)World Heritage