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Kansai wide area cycling route

Osaka Bay Round Route

  • Swirl Path

    A maritime promenade under the road of Onaruto Bridge over the Naruto Strait.
    A dynamic whirlpool spreads below your eyes.

  • Otsuka International Art Museum

    An art museum that recreates over 1000 western masterpieces on a ceramic plate in full scale.

  • Tokushima Tokutoku Terminal

    A bus terminal where high-speed buses connect Tokushima and various places.
    The product store houses Tokushima souvenirs such as famous confections and crafts.

  • Yomomi Observatory

    The highest observation deck in the Naruto skyline, where the calm Uchino Sea landscape spreads.

  • Awa Dance Hall

    A facility where you can enjoy Awaodori in Tokushima throughout the year.
    Awa Odori Kaikan exclusive rendezvous for daytime performances, and famous rendezvous for night performances.

  • Gourd Island Cruise

    A cruise around a gourd island surrounded by the Shinmachi River and the assistant river by pleasure boat.

  • Bizan

    It was named because it has a beautiful eyebrow shape from any direction.
    Established as a sacred place for cyclists in the prefecture.

  • Awa Jurobei Mansion

    A facility that presents the national important intangible folk cultural property “Awa Ningyo Joruri” every day.
    In the exhibition room, tools such as Awagi and Ningyo Joruri are exhibited.

  • Boat Race Naruto Uzpark Cycle Station

    A cyclist's rest facility equipped with a maintenance space, shower room, toilet, etc.

  • Kishiwada Castle
  • Emperor's Tomb of the Emperor Nintoku

    It is thought with construction of the mid-fifth century, the Japan's biggest burial mound with a square front and a round back of about 486m in length of the mound. In one of the Mozu three Imperial mausoleum, the mound is constructed to three steps, and a triple moat has more than 10 subordinate burial mounds around circulation. In July, 2019, the Mozu old burial mound group including the Nintoku Burial Mound old burial mound was registered with world's cultural heritage of the UNESCO with Furuichi old burial mound group. (internal secrecy)

  • Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

Akashi Port→ Tokushima Port (Nankai Ferry) → Wakayama Port → Akashi Port

From Akashi Port, take a Genoa line boat to Iwaya Port on Awaji Island. Go south on National Route 28 to Sumoto Bus Center. Put your bicycle on the Awaji Kotsu Bus bound for Tokushima and get off at Konaruto Bridge in Tokushima Prefecture. Head south on the Kii Channel to the ferry terminal at Tokushima Port. The Nankai Ferry takes 2 hours to rearch Wakayama Port. From there, head north on the Osaka Bay to the left and into Osaka city. From Osaka city to Akashi station in Hyogo prefecture, go west along National Route 2.


Overall, the road is flat and there are no difficulties. You need a plan that matches the time of the ferry or highway bus. The best way to get around in a day is to start on a ferry departing from Tokushima Port at 11:00. The first departure of the Awaji Genoa Line is 5:40, there are about 1-3 per hour, and the required time is 13 minutes. The Awaji Kotsu bus leaves at 6:55 and 8:25. Travel time is 47 minutes. There is a bicycle stand on the ferry and bus, so you can put it on as it is.

Route overview Akashi Port→ Tokushima Port (Nankai Ferry) → Wakayama Port → Akashi Port
Distance 292.9km
Maximum elevation
Altitude Up : 899m
Estimated travel time
by bicycle
15hours 56minutes
Route overview
Start Akashi Port
Iwaya Port
(High speed boat)
Sumoto Bus Center
Konaruto Bridge
Tokushima Port
Wakayama Port
Misaki Park
Kishiwada Castle
Sumiyoshi Taisha
Goal Akashi Port
Route overview Distance(km) hours Escape point level
Start Akashi Port 0 0 0
Iwaya Port
(High speed boat)
(6.7)km (13minutes ) 13minutes Ship
Sumoto Bus Center 32.7km 32.7km 2hours
Konaruto Bridge (37.3)km (47minutes ) 3hours
Express bus
Tokushima Port 28km 60.7km 1hours
Tokushima Station
Wakayama Port (55)km (2hours ) 7hours
Wakayama Station Intermediate
Misaki Park 25.9km 86.6km 1hours
Misaki-koen Station Station
Kishiwada Castle 24.4km 111.0km 1hours
Kishiwada Station
Sumiyoshi Taisha
27.6km 138.6km 1hours
Sumiyoshi Taisha Station Advanced
Goal Akashi Port 55.3km 193.9km 3hours
Akashi Station

Sightseeing spots
near the route

  • Tourist attractions
  • Break spot
  • Akashi Port-Iwaya Port(Hyogo)Genoa Line
  • National Akashi Strait Park(Hyogo)National park
  • Awaji World Park ONOKOROamusement park
  • Onaruto Bridge / Vortex Road(Naruto City)
  • Mt. Bizan(Tokushima City)
  • Tokushima Port-Wakayama PortNankai Ferry
  • Awashima Shrine / Hiina no Yu(Wakayama City)Important cultural property
  • Kishiwada Castle(Osaka)
  • Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine(Osaka City)National treasure, main sanctuary

Sightseeing spots near other routes

  • Akashi Kaikyo Bridge(Kobe / Awaji))
  • Oonaruto Bridge((Minamiawaji-shi, Naruto-shi)
  • Awashima Shrine(Wakayama City)
  • Kansai International Airpor(Izumisano City)
  • Emperor's Tomb of the Emperor Nintoku(Sakai City)
  • Tsutenkaku (Osaka City)