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Kansai wide area cycling route

WMG2021 Kansai Route

  • Suma Coast

    Beautiful Suma coast of white sand blue pine. In the summer, it is popular with many people as the best beach between Hanshin.

  • Kobe Meriken Park
  • Himeji castle
  • Mt.Mitoku

Kobe Airport (Hyogo) → Tottori Prefecture

First,travel from Kansai Airport to Kobe Airport by high-speed boat,prepare your bicycle at Kobe Airport,then begin and started. From Kobe City, head west along the coastal national highway and enter the coastal cycling road in Akashi. From Nishi-Futami Park, go north on Prefectural Road 208 to National Road 2 and cycle west to Himeji Castle. From Himeji Castle, enter Prefectural Road 5, pass through Tatsuno City via National Route 29 and Prefectural Road 724, and then take National Route 179 (Izumo Kaido) to Sayo-cho. Go north on Route 373 (Chizu Kaido) from Sayocho Kamimachi intersection and enter Tottori prefecture via Okayama prefecture. From Chizu-cho, join Route 53 along the Chiyogawa River (Chizu Kaido) to Tottori Station and Tottori Castle Ruins. From Route 9 head west along the coast to Kurayoshi Station. Enter National Route 179 from Nagase-Higashi Intersection and head south on Prefectural Road 161 along the Tenjin River. After that, run along the tributary, Konokawa, and enter Prefectural Road 34. Drive west, turn right following the sign at the Kurayoshi Bicycle Stadium on the road, and when you reach the end, you will arrive at the goal Kurayoshi Bicycle Stadium.


There is a lot of traffic in the city area until you pass through Himeji City, but it is mostly flat and there are many rest spots such as convenience stores. From Tatsuno city on National Route 179 to Tottori city, the number of rest points gradually decreases along with traffic volume, but there are no steep slopes, and you can ride comfortably with gentle climbs and descents. The Shidozaka Tunnel, located on the prefectural border between Okayama and Tottori prefectures, is a part of the Tottori Expressway, though it is a general road, and has a long and heavy stretch of traffic, and it passes outside the fence beside the road. From Tottori to Kurayoshi, along the Sea of ​​Japan, the scenery is good and it is easy to drive.

Route overview Kobe Airport (Hyogo) → Tottori Prefecture
Distance 248.9km
Maximum elevation
Altitude Up : 1423m
Estimated travel time
by bicycle
16hours 35minutes
Route overview
Start Kobe Airport
Harima Town
Himeji castle
Road Station
Road Station
Post Town Hirafuku
Seiryu Chaya
Ruins of tottori
Goal Kurayoshi Bicycle
Route overview Distance hours Escape point level
Start Kobe Airport 0 0
Harima Town 45.9km 3hours 37minutes →Nishifutami Station Beginner
Himeji castle 72.2km 4hours 48minutes →Himeji Station
Road Station
93.4km 6hours 13minutes →Harimashingu Station Intermediate
Road Station
Post Town Hirafuku
120.8km 8hours 3minutes →Hirafuku Station
Awakurand 140.8km 9hours 23minutes →Awakura Onsen Station Advanced
Seiryu Chaya
175.5km 11hours 41minutes →Kawara Station
Ruins of tottori
189.5km 12hours 38minutes →Tottori Station
219.8km 14hours 39minutes →Tomari Station Super grade
  235.0km 15hours 40minutes →Kurayoshi Station
Goal Kurayoshi Bicycle
248.9km 16hours 35minutes

Sightseeing spots
near the route

  • Tourist attractions
  • Break spot
  • Meriken Park(Kobe City)
  • Suma Coast(Kobe City)
  • Akashi Kaikyo Bridge(Kobe City)
  • Akashi City Astronomical Science Museum(Akashi City)
  • Kakurinji Temple(Kakogawa City)National Treasure
  • Himeji castle(Himeji City)World Heritage,National Treasure
  • Road Station Shingu(Tatsuno City)
  • Road Station Post Town Hirafuku(Sayo-cho)
  • Road Station Awakurand(Nishiawakura Village, Okayama Prefecture)
  • Chizu-shuku(Chizu Town, Tottori Prefecture)
  • Ishitani Residence(Chizu-cho, Tottori Prefecture)National Important Cultural Property
  • Road Station Seiryu Chaya Kawahara(Tottori City)
  • Saji astro park(Tottori City)
  • Ruins of tottori castle(Tottori City)
  • Hamamura Onsen(Tottori City)
  • Sea breeze hill Tomari(Yurihama Town)
  • Togo Onsen, Hawaii(Yurihama Town)
  • Misasa Onsen(Misasa-cho)
  • Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple Input Hall(Misasa-cho)
  • Kurayoshi white wall storehouse group, red tile (Kurayoshi City)

Sightseeing spots near other routes

  • Kobe Airport(Kobe City)
  • Wakasa Onsen(Wakasamachi, Tottori Prefecture)